I had a really great idea for a gift to make for my husband for Christmas; it was so good that I couldn’t keep it a secret for long. He knew I was working on something, and the best light in the evenings in the house are in rooms that are “public” so I couldn’t hole myself up in our bedroom with the door shut and stitch. As a result, he got a look at the sketch pretty early on (and cracked a little smile).

The end result is this scene.

Dennis & Dee

If you aren’t familiar with It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, you should be — it’s hilarious. This is based on a scene from the episode Dennis and Dee go on welfare. Plus you know, he does have what I need. Hilarity + Sentimentality = Awesome. Or at least, I think so. I did learn that hands are not my forte, but the intention was to have it look a bit hand-drawn and irregular (since I know I can’t draw [or trace] people terribly well). I didn’t want the stairs to look perfect and then have two slightly odd-shaped people on them.

Happy Christmas!

I’ve been playing around with some blank vintage paper and my husband’s typewriter collection.

I’ve had varying levels of success. Chain stitching worked pretty well, herringbone and feather stitches very well. Out of all of these, I’m hoping for one or two good results. My problem always is that I don’t plan things out enough. I have to say, this paper from the 20s is divine. I wish there was more than just five pages!

I am really pleased at how this one turned out. Especially pleased I managed the lazy daisy leaves without any tearing.

Though I think that I am done with white for a while.

white forest

More data coming next, I think. And maybe some experiments with freezer paper and typewriters…

After being a little bit frustrated with the way the Roots pieces were ending up, I decided to just leave them for a while and make something that was just pretty.

white forest WIP

And a new white doodle piece was born. This is just a little sneak peek. The full piece should hopefully be done in the next few days.

I’ve been working on this idea of roots, using the cube and square root pages in the old math text. I thought I’d layer some leaf prints in acrylic and then add some embroidered elements.

Roots - phase one

Given the fact that there are only three of these pages, I was a little worried that I’d totally screw it all up, but I made the decision that I just had to go for it. The prints went pretty well. Some parts I like better than others.

I’ve added some tendrils to the bottom and sides of the oak leaf piece. I have to step away from it for a while, because I think I’m over-thinking it (and I know this isn’t the best photo). It feels like it’s missing something, I just haven’t figured out what yet. Of course, I have another idea for the maple leaf. I don’t think I can ever have just one thing going on in my mind at once.


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