Three Lithuanians

Continuing with my fondness for old family photographs, I wanted to quickly stitch up something small — this is about 4 inches on each side (a little longer on the horizontal), based on one of my favorite photos.

annaonrightThere is a lot of nuance in the glances and the small details that has gotten lost in my simple lines, but I still quite like it. This photo is of my great-grandmother Anna and her two brothers: Mike in the center and Pete on the left. There’s another sister, Catherine who isn’t pictured (perhaps she’s taking it?). Evidently, I have a particular soft spot for photos of my great-grandmother. I do though, really love the smaller things that get glossed over in my stitched version, and am half-considering doing it larger.

(Also, can you imagine wearing tights to the beach?!)


yes! vacation stitching

Last week my family and I took a little vacation to Ocean City, MD. It was a very relaxing trip. I did a bit of beach sitting (under an umbrella, wearing a big hat, naturally), a good bit of beer drinking and a little bit of stitching. Sometimes I combined a few of those activities.

I feel nice and refreshed and ready to take stuff on. Perhaps I’ll finish up what I started the other day, a bit of white embroidery on a book dust jacket.

My science swap piece made it to my partner today:
The Earth and Its Layers: closed

The Earth and Its Layers: open


This was really fun to put together. The Earth is based on this illustration by Wild Olive (with some adjustments).

When I was little, we had this set of World Book Encyclopedias that had these really detailed, acetate/transparency inserts that were layered and showed things like the inside of a frog, or the human head, skull, brain, muscles etc. I thought I’d try and accomplish something similar, but simplified.

The process turned out to not be too difficult to nail down. I started with a tiny prototype — it’s just a piece of vellum button-hole stitched over muslin. The hard part was nailing down what exactly I wanted to stitch. I wanted both pieces to be interesting on their own, but also to look good together. (I also loved that the “layers” had a double-meaning. Layers in the piece and layers of the Earth.)

I’m quite pleased at how well it turned out.

Here’s the first layer on its own:

The Earth and Its Layers: layer 1

And the second:
The Earth and Its Layers: layer 2


I had planned on satin stitching the yellow as well, but after using almost a full skein (with just a tiny bit left over) on the orange, I didn’t want to chance not having enough for the yellow ring. I like the way it turned out regardless. I loved combining embroidering on fabric and embroidering on another surface. I might just do it again sometime.

Chain stitched doodle. Nice way to spend the evening.


I had a desire last night to stitch up something pretty, something just because, something not too intense. This little doodle (in a 4″ hoop) is what happened. My work life is getting a bit hectic, and my mind is still working out who to do for my next suffragette portrait, but my hands needed to move.

Ever have moments like that?


My portrait of Lucy Burns is finally finished. The photo I based it on was taken at the Occoquan Workhouse which is not far from my home here in Virginia.

lucy burns portrait

I’m pretty happy with the way that it turned out. I learn something with each piece. This time around, I’ve actually taken care to block the piece (something I’ve never done before). Next, I’ll be finishing the companion piece, the bear cross stitch and crossing my fingers that they work together.

As I worked on this, I couldn’t help but contemplate all the things that she and other women like her went through.

(A few more detail shots in the ol’ flickr stream)

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