Recently I discovered that there’s a monthly needlework drop-in group at one of the local libraries. Last night I tried it out. I’m really not so good at meeting a whole bunch of new people all at once, but it was a small group, about 8 ladies, of varied age. Mostly knitters/crocheters, but there was one woman teaching another to cross stitch. I think there’s some potential for meeting local people with similar interests, but we’ll see. It might take a while for me to get the courage to say more than a few words. Since it’s a monthly meeting, it might take me a good six months to strike up a conversation. For my own sake, I’ll try and be brave. As it was, I sat and practiced my stem stitching. I don’t know why, but that stitch has really eluded me. Whenever it’s looked like I’ve done it (the hair in my piece for my brother and his wife for example), I’ve cheated and not done it right. You can tell from the back.

Internet interaction is much easier (though it still makes me anxious). Just this week I signed up for my first swap. The theme is music which leaves plenty of room for ideas. At the moment I have too many, but there’s plenty of time to let things settle. I think I will try and incorporate some knotless starts and stem stitching into whatever I decide to do. Nothing like practice.

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