big burlap wip
If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Flickr, then you’ve been seeing some photos of this large burlap sack I’ve been working on. The above photo doesn’t show the full thing even, it’s a big sack. I’ve been using this thick string, my big plastic needle and various motifs from some books I have collected over the past year or so. The idea is to make it sampler-like. I’m working without a real plan, just with some patterns in mind that I’ve liked and wanted to use. And I am trying to stay roughly on-center. There’s also a second side to this sack, and I have plans to do that as well. At the moment, I really like the idea of keeping the bag in-tact. Though I reserve the right to change my mind!

A little extra bonus: the bag smells like coffee beans still.


I don’t know why I waited so long to try silk threads. In a bit of an impulsive moment, I picked up one pull skein at the local shop one night. In the piece here, I used two strands of Au Ver a Soie Soie d’Alger (color number 1812) and I love the results.

winter branches
winter branches detail

I think that this little experiment was pretty successful, and I will definitely be using more silks in the future.


I almost want to keep this thread to myself — lest everyone go out and snatch it up on ebay or something — but it is not in my nature to keep secrets like that.


Last weekend I was given this lovely basket, scissors and threads by one of my grandmother’s sisters. I honestly have no idea as to when exactly everything was purchased, or if the basket and/or any of the things inside belonged to my great-grandmother at one point. The wooden spools are easily my favorite things right now.


In particular is this thread: Clark’s ONT Best Six Cord, size 8. It’s a dream for embroidering. I did a quick little piece for my grandmother with it (perhaps more about that once I give it to her). I need to get my hands on more because I adore it so very much. (I’ve already called my mom and asked if she had any on-hand, she doesn’t.) It’s slightly thinner than size 8 perle cotton, and the twist is very tight.

Best Six Cord

I simultaneously want to use it for everything and never ever want to use it again in case I run out.

Seems like everyone has an English paper piecing project in the works. In the past, I’ve dabbled with hexagons, but sort of gave up after a little bit. I just wasn’t feeling it for whatever reason.

Things around my place have been busy the past few weeks. We took a little trip to Florida, my daughter had her 7th birthday, we’ve had softball games and all kinds of stuff happening. There has been precious little time to really dig into a project that will take a good chunk of time. So instead I’ve been doing some little things. A few tiny buttons, a little bit of crochet (which is totally new for me) and a little paper piecing.

I’d remembered that I wanted to make a little ball — a dodecahedron, to be technical about it. It’s 12 pentagons put together and stuffed. I had seen it flipping through a library book months ago, and only sort of remembered the instructions, so I just jumped in and winged it.

Naturally, the result was a bit of a disaster.

Majorly wonky but I learned a lot making this. I prefer to learn the hard way I guess...

But it taught me a few things about how to construct the polygon, and so the second time (and I also went back to the library and got the book again) Surprise! when I did things “right” the result was much better.

Dodecahedron number 2 and I'm much happier with the result.

The kids are quite fond of the first attempt, so it’s getting some use being tossed around the house. The second one will become a traveling pincushion.

Away we go!

Feeling strangely terrified of starting this piece, so I'll just look at these purples for a little while longer.

Just in time for the Suffrage Centennial Celebration (Have plans with friends this weekend, so I can’t go. Bummer.)

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