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yellow table -detail

I used the data on this page, of compound interest on $1 at 3% – 8%, to create the stitch pattern. All I did was graph the curves.

Then I resorted the data to graph it flipped across the vertical axis.

I thought the tails would be too difficult to achieve on paper. That it wouldn’t be clean enough, so when I transferred it, I removed them.

yellow table

I am pretty pleased with the result. There is some wonkiness in the areas with all the line crossings, but overall, it turned out well.

There are some other pages with data tables that I have plans for. One in particular, a life expectancy chart, is begging for something special. I’m coming up with a plan where I scan the page and work out the pattern digitally instead of tracing it onto the reverse. I want to be careful simply because there is only one page.


Stitched up this griffin, based on a photo of a wood cutting I took on a boat in Ohio.

The outline is 4 strands, and the smaller details: seed stitches, detached chain on the wing, etc are 2 strands of floss.

Don’t be fooled, I didn’t draw this pattern by any means. My sketching skills are very limited. I printed my photo (on regular paper) the size I wanted to stitch (this is a 7 inch hoop), drew over outline of the photo, and then used my Saral transfer paper (which is awesome, btw) to transfer that to my sketch book. Traced that with a thin sharpie. Then traced it yet again with a flashlight and blue washable quilter’s pen to the fabric. And finally stitched it. (In case your counting, that means I “drew” this griffin four times. Five, if you count stitching.)

I’m thinking about possibly trying it again, but this time with either a little more detail, or with fill stitches to give it some texture. We’ll see.

green K3,3 complete

I’ve had this idea for stitching up the graph of K3,3 in my old math textbook for a while now. As usual, I’m not 100% happy with the final product.  It needs to be centered more, and a couple of the graphs look a bit wonky. In fact, the more I look at it, the more mistakes I can see. But overall, it’s a good effect. I’ve got some other graphs in mind to do as well.

white on paper #3

Finally got off my butt and finished the third white piece on the old math book. It had been sitting a while, with just the leaves to complete. I’ve got other ideas in my head.

blue experiment

One of those ideas, is to punch a grid on the paper and then fill it in as I see fit. It’s not quite there — if I had planned it a little more, the section in the middle would be symmetric. Still, there’s something to the idea.

pickle text

One of Johnny’s nicknames is “pickle” or “pickle pants.” I have no idea why I call him that, it just happened.

what's the dill?

I wanted to try and vary the stitches I used on this piece so, the letters are all worked in just a simple backstitch. The outline of the pickle is done in a stem stitch (I think I’ve finally gotten the hang of that one. It’s eluded me for some reason.), the eyes are french knots, the facial features are split stitch so they stick out a little, and the pickle bumps are isolated chain stitches done a little wide.

Hopefully I’ll be finishing up another paper piece soon.

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