cross stitch

It’s becoming more and more clear to me that I am better suited to the freedoms of embroidery over counted cross stitching. This is actually a bit on the surprising side since I generally crave order and symmetry. But alas, I am not the most patient of people.

Plenty more to do, but conquered this bear and it did not drive me mad. Thank goodness for that!

Take this bear that I’m working on now, for example. I had so much trouble putting the browns in the right spot (and picking up the right color) and those pink spots on her dress… so endlessly frustrating.

The text around the bear was going well until…

Naturally I put the "with" in the wrong spot. Grr. I will finish this, just not tonight.

I went and put the “W” in with in the wrong spot — which put the whole word in the wrong place. Thankfully it’s only those four letters that need to be moved. But I was so sure I was going to be done last night. Of course, this is one of those ideas that I have in my head — next I am hoping to do a duck — so I am Determined to get this done. There will be some companion pieces — embroidery ones. I am saving those for the end both because I only have a sense of what I want them to be and because I will enjoy them more.

I keep hoping that with practice I will be better. I take the same approach with cross stitch as I do with other things and here it amounts to count twice & stitch once. Only it’s more like count six times, stitch three. Sigh. I will be glad to get this one done so I can move on.

Here’s to not giving up.

snow queen sampler

The sampler I started for my mother is all finished. As you can see, I decided to keep on with the 14 count Aida and not go back to the linen. The finished piece is about 6×8. The other was only 3 inches wide. (>Here’s a size comparison.) I used just two strands here to be sure the snowflake in the center was nice and light and lacy. In the end, I’m glad I decided to go this route, it was easier to finish and all the details are easier to appreciate.

This was my last Christmas gift to stitch up. Now to work on a swap piece and holiday baking!

I’ve been working lately on some holiday projects. I decided a while back to give this Modern Folk pattern a try for a present for my mother (who doesn’t read things on the Internet, so it’s safe to share). Further, I decided to be insane and do it in one strand on some tiny linen. It was looking really great (and I was only going slightly blind) until I had to take out a few errant stitches and ripped the darn thing. It was sad. Because it was looking really quite pretty.

 So now I’ve started it again both on the same linen and on a much larger grid Aida. The Aida will be much faster (and obviously end up much bigger), but I’m just not as happy with how it’s looking. It’s just frustrating me at the moment. I will probably end up going back to the linen though.

I did however, complete this awesome meme kit from Subversive Cross Stitch and Steotch. The ERMAGERD! meme is easily my husband’s favorite and so it was a no-brainer. I couldn’t keep it a secret either. It was one of the first that was up on the tree.

I’m also working on some ornaments for some friends using this lovely pattern from Miniature Rhino. While I was doing those, my daughter sat down with me and asked to “do some sewing, too”. I set her up with a little square of muslin and a 4″ hoop and she went to work. She drew her own little design, picked the colors and after I helped her split, thread the needle and knot the floss, she went to town and made this sweet ornament.

I’m hoping to have things wrapped up soon so I can get to work on a few things that are stuck in my head. It is looking like it’s going to be another creative January for me. It’s always January!

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