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burlap coffee bag

I’ve been slowly working on adding things to the burlap coffee bag. I am pretty sure that this side will be done once I finish up the flower in the bottom left hand corner. Then, I will move to the other side. This project has been pretty satisfying. Working big like this — I’ve been stitching over 2 using size 3 crochet thread in natural, and with a big plastic kid’s needle — has made for pretty quick progress. And as I am always obsessing over tiny flaws in my work, improving and not being overly worried about everything being perfect has been really liberating and a very good exercise for me. I think the only thing I would have done differently on this side would be to start from the bottom and work up, instead of going from the top down.

spring dillard quote

I’ve been trying to will on Spring to finally really arrive. I’m not sure that the text/patterned background totally works here. I’m planning on trimming this up, putting it on a piece of felt, and adding some flower applique. But regardless, the sentiment rings true. I needed to replace the Winter piece lest it be the thing keeping cold and snow hanging around. I like the idea of having one for each season, reminding me of all the things there are to love in each quarter of the year.

big burlap wip
If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Flickr, then you’ve been seeing some photos of this large burlap sack I’ve been working on. The above photo doesn’t show the full thing even, it’s a big sack. I’ve been using this thick string, my big plastic needle and various motifs from some books I have collected over the past year or so. The idea is to make it sampler-like. I’m working without a real plan, just with some patterns in mind that I’ve liked and wanted to use. And I am trying to stay roughly on-center. There’s also a second side to this sack, and I have plans to do that as well. At the moment, I really like the idea of keeping the bag in-tact. Though I reserve the right to change my mind!

A little extra bonus: the bag smells like coffee beans still.


Every year, I make a few little things for people. This year is no different (though I can’t show you all of them yet). I saw this pattern by Dana a while back and new I would be making at least two things. Here’s one I did for my friend Val. She loves Christmas Vacation. I can’t stand it, but I love her, so she got this little 3 inch hoop…

Newel Post

Next, I made another little 3 incher for my husband, the Pittsburgh sports fan.

Pirates Ornament

And finally, this cross stitched reindeer in a snow globe. My daughter picked out this pattern at my local shop. I made a few mistakes along the way (cross stitch and I are getting along better these days, but it’s still not my favorite), but I think it turned out fine. I’m sure I’m the only one who will know/notice the problems.

Reindeer Snow Globe

Reindeer Snow Globe Detail

I made some other things, too but not all have been given (and not all have been properly photographed, a problem I seem to have often). I love making things for other folks, but I also can’t wait to get back to making things for me!

Whenever the seasons change, I feel a pull to read Pilgrim at Tinker Creek by Annie Dillard.
Dillard quote
With each read, I find something different that sticks with me. And this time, I felt compelled to purposefully stitch a passage. I wanted to really take in the full meaning, and so I chose cross stitch (so I would pay full attention to each letter) on a piece of Aida I had floating around. I didn’t plan much. I pulled out an alphabet that was simple, and not too large. The size of the fabric dictated the width. There is room at the top and the bottom and I plan to add some light blue and/or silvery trees.

With the approach of fall, I find myself wishing for sweaters and fires. As it turns to winter, I always dream of my favorite January one year in college where I had my apartment to myself (two room mates had gone home for Winter Break), and while I did have a job, the hours were not heavy. So I read, and wrote. It was perfect.

As winter approaches this year, I want to keep this thought in mind. So I plan to finish this up in plenty of time and keep it within sight.

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