Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, Jessica is based in Northern Virginia, and has been stitching since 2010. The women in her family have always been crafters and self-taught.

Jessica studied Math and currently makes a living as a programmer. Her affection for nostalgia, old photos, turn of the century images, old books, a love of pattern and symmetry, and fondness of doodling in the margins are major influences in her work.

The majority of her recent work focuses on adding a layer of meaning or giving new life to an object that has already served a purpose: a book, a letter, a bag, or a photograph. These works are quiet and subtle, often requiring the viewer to come close to see details, to read words, and to observe the shadows cast by individual stitches.

Contact Jessica at jannekelly79 AT gmail. (She loves getting mail.)

Or on Twitter.

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Or Instagram.

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