I am now calling this piece finished.

pansy detail

I actually stitched a bit more and ended up not liking it at all. It is a hazard of working without a real plan and on paper (that is by nature not forgiving to mistakes). But after I took out the section directly above the flower, I didn’t even mind having the holes there. I don’t mind them. And they aren’t distracting. In fact, I wonder if you even noticed them in the photo without me pointing them out.

3 Responses to Pressed pansy

  • I wouldn’t have noticed the holes. And I think actually maybe holes are something you could play with as an integral part of your work? (Like that Amy Friend work I share with you?)
    I think this piece is pretty as I said before the pressed flower works, and yes, sometimes less is more 😉

  • I absolutely love how the pressed flower looks, it’s gorgeous! I didn’t notice the holes until I went back and looked for them.

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