in the weeds

I realized the other day that I haven’t done much stitching in the past few weeks. It’s been a bit on the busy side in my day-to-day life as of late. I resolved to correct that last night. I’ve been thinking lately a lot about what is in the spaces between things. Meaning, things that don’t fit into any one category. People that cannot be categorized. Things that live in the cracks.

in the weeds

I started this without much of a plan. I knew I was going to piece together scraps from the paper quilt, and I knew I wanted to use the blank (or mostly blank) sections. But that was it. I tried to challenge myself a little bit by not sketching anything anywhere. Not on the back, not on another paper, no planning of where the holes were going to be, just to go for it.

In the end, I’m pretty pleased. Once those seed stitched circles happened, I felt like I was on the right track.

I’m hoping to do more of these improvisational, smaller type of pieces. It feels good to just start off running without knowing where things are going.

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