Sometimes I just need to stitch-it-out. A little phrase or snippet will lodge itself in my consciousness and I need to stitch it just to put it out of my head.

Today, it was a little hastily written “I have no time.” from Evariste Galois that popped up. The history of mathematics is one of those topics that I get a little nerdy about. You know how some people will go off if you tell them that Edison was the best thing ever — and they’ll tell you no, it was actually Tesla who was the bad-ass? I get like that sometimes about mathematicians (like don’t tell me Newton invented Calculus).

Galois is one who was a young genius, and also active in politics in France in the early 1800s. He died at 20* in a duel over a woman. And the night before furiously wrote down proofs, but he ran out of time. “I have no time.” is but one of the things he put to paper that night.

I stitched it as a reminder that while it might seem like my life is a harried scramble at times, it really isn’t. Taking a breather is perfectly fine and relaxing is a good idea.

* At 20! And he was such a genius that the other mathematicians at the time couldn’t understand his proofs. In the end, he invented a whole new branch of mathematics. I cannot fathom being that smart so young.

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