burlap coffee bag

I’ve been slowly working on adding things to the burlap coffee bag. I am pretty sure that this side will be done once I finish up the flower in the bottom left hand corner. Then, I will move to the other side. This project has been pretty satisfying. Working big like this — I’ve been stitching over 2 using size 3 crochet thread in natural, and with a big plastic kid’s needle — has made for pretty quick progress. And as I am always obsessing over tiny flaws in my work, improving and not being overly worried about everything being perfect has been really liberating and a very good exercise for me. I think the only thing I would have done differently on this side would be to start from the bottom and work up, instead of going from the top down.

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  • Hello, I found your blog via a bit of a convoluted route. (Something on tumblr > something on flickr > etc). But I just wanted to say how much I love this project! It’s hard to imagine how big it really is, but there’s something really great about the two images over the top of eachother.

    It’s that kind of ‘damn it! I wish I’d done that’ project 🙂
    (just thought I’d mention it)

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