strap yourself to a tree with roots

It’s been a while since I got that perfect feeling of yes, this is what needs to be made with this exact piece of paper. In this case, I had a real actual sense of what I wanted to make. Usually, I sort of just wing it and see if it works. This was the third tree that got made to go with the roots. I am glad I was persistent and stuck with the idea I had in my head.

strap yourself to a tree with roots detail

The title comes from a line in a Dylan song — You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere. I’ve been thinking a lot about the music I grew up listening to. In this case it was the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band cover version of the song.



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  • I always love the strange serenity of these paper stitched pieces. In this one I love the contrasting style of stitches for above and below ground, as well as the contrasting colours. That middle image where you can see what looks like the split in the book is my favourite. I don’t know the song you’re referencing but I’m often inspired by the lyrics that get stuck in my head. Does the writing on the page with the roots say anything in particular?

    • The writing on the page is the inscription of sorts. The name of the school where this math book was used and the address. In the corner, I’m not exactly sure.

      Isn’t it funny that I’ve been making serene, quiet work? I don’t feel either of those things.

  • I super super super love this!! I even love the photograph of it opened, shot from the side. The lighting is lovely. If you took it with the full book in frame, I’d pay for a print!

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