Last month, I decided to enter my Rosie: Oyster Shucker piece into the local needlework show held at a historical site called Woodlawn Plantation. It’s an event that I mean to go to every year (this year is the 51st year of the exhibition), but have never made it to… until today. My mother came down (she also put in a mini quilt) and we were more or less the first people there today. We walked in to the first room, and the first thing I see is my piece hanging there on the wall, with a blue ribbon.

Photos are technically not allowed, but since it was my piece, I did get permission, but it was quick, hence the blurriness.

Photos are technically not allowed, but since it was my piece, I did get permission. But it was quick, hence the blurriness.

It was completely an unexpected surprise, and it caught me a little off-guard. Frankly, my first thought was that I must have had no competition! But the women working the show assured me that no one is awarded a ribbon if they don’t deserve one. My mother also received a 2nd place ribbon for her mini-quilt. Not too shabby for a couple of first-timers!

I wish that I could have taken photos of many other pieces as they were really very stunning. The Best In Show winner was this amazing blackwork (with touches of purple and gold) and there were some very inventive canvas work samplers.

If you’re in the Northern Virginia area, I highly recommend the show.

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