Over the holidays, Bridgeen of Cherry and Cinnamon and I worked out a little private swap. (If you remember, our artwork was in a show together out in Seattle.) Her work is pretty amazing. I love how the Internet facilitates exchanges of this type, and I also love waiting for an opening packages!

Being that I’m still completely obsessed with stem stitching in very pale icy blue/greens, leaf shapes and french knots, I made her a little wintery tree piece from one of the embossed pages in the front of a poetry book. A bit like a plant growing out of the embossed seal. And how great is that embossed detail? It was one of the reasons I ended up buying this particular book.


The color is a bit hard to capture on camera, but I used DMC 3756 which is very light and ever so slightly blue.

She sent me a completely awesome portrait of Paul Rudd (because I adore him). Read her post here about it!

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