For one of my Christmas presents, my lovely husband bought me and a friend train tickets to New York and tickets to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, so I could see the Interwoven Globe exhibit.

It was so good.

I was glad that I could get really really close to the textiles and examine them in detail. (At the Smithsonian here in DC recently, I got a little too close to a few needlepoints and set of an alarm. Oops.)

Some of my very favorites (embroidery) were: A Mexican Wedding Coverlet, a crewel Dress for A Young Boy, and an Embroidered Sampler (note that it has Harem scenes!). Other favorites (non-embroidery) were: this Lace Patterned Silk, and this Bizarre Silk.

We also saw the Julia Margaret Cameron photos (which is also closing soon). They were really beautiful as well.

The museum is so huge that it was hard figuring out where we were and what direction to go next — especially when we both got hungry. We took a walk through some of the impressionist paintings before leaving, and also peeked at some Roman sculptures and a few Egyptian things before we decided that food was becoming really necessary.

Afterwards, we strolled through Central Park and braved the crowds down Fifth Avenue past the shops and to Rockefeller Center to see the tree. Then after ducking into a coffee shop for a bit, rested our feet, regrouped, and braved more crowds to get dinner at Shake Shack and then back on the train home.

But not before I snapped a photo of the Empire State building all lit up green and red.



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