I read a lot of things here on the internet. I have over 140 blogs currently in my feed reader (and another 40 or so that I read on occasion). So, it is not unusual for me to read something that I disagree with. It is, however, unusual for me to read something (especially a crafty something) that gets me really fired up.* But it happened the other day. I let myself get mad, wrote a long email to myself ranting and stating my case. And then I made this (warning: curse word ahead, click to continue…).

this is a f-ing heirloom
It felt good.

The thing that got me most upset was this idea that stitching an owl, or a tattoo heart, a swirly doodle, a pinup, or Moe from The Simpsons (all things I have embroidered in the past), was somehow a warm-up, a primer to get me interested… and that one day I would be skilled enough to tackle something more “serious”. What I make isn’t warm-up for anything. It is The Thing.

There are no “real embroiderers” (and there aren’t fake ones).

No one gets to decide what others treasure.

And I know I am not the only one who has ever felt this way. It just really (and unexpectedly) burned my britches and I felt quite compelled to make something this time.

In the end, it was this general feeling of being ticked off and slightly salty that led me to the search which led me to Mariska Karaz, so ultimately, it was all a positive experience.



*I specifically avoid charged political articles for this reason. I no longer read “news” articles that I know will do nothing but get me mad.

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