I almost want to keep this thread to myself — lest everyone go out and snatch it up on ebay or something — but it is not in my nature to keep secrets like that.


Last weekend I was given this lovely basket, scissors and threads by one of my grandmother’s sisters. I honestly have no idea as to when exactly everything was purchased, or if the basket and/or any of the things inside belonged to my great-grandmother at one point. The wooden spools are easily my favorite things right now.


In particular is this thread: Clark’s ONT Best Six Cord, size 8. It’s a dream for embroidering. I did a quick little piece for my grandmother with it (perhaps more about that once I give it to her). I need to get my hands on more because I adore it so very much. (I’ve already called my mom and asked if she had any on-hand, she doesn’t.) It’s slightly thinner than size 8 perle cotton, and the twist is very tight.

Best Six Cord

I simultaneously want to use it for everything and never ever want to use it again in case I run out.

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