It's been a while since I've snuck in some lunchtime embroidery

I’ve been working on a new piece in my head for a week or so, and I finally sat down and started it on Wednesday. It’s moved along pretty quickly, but I won’t be able to share it for a while. It’s got a secret future. But I will share eventually. I have one more page with this embossed detail that I will be doing something with soon.


I also finished up the second piece from The Teddy Roosevelt Book. I can’t remember if I ever shared the first one; if not, here it is: The Good Citizen. And here are the two together. (Please forgive the mobile phone photography. It’s been rainy and gray.) I’m honestly not sure how I feel about these. They feel a bit forced to me. But I’ve had the sketch of the covered wagon done for ages and ages. It needed to get done so I could move on. I do think I’ve come up with a way to do satin stitching on paper, so there was at least something interesting learned from it.

In other news, I’m starting to seriously look for calls for art to respond to. I’d like to see some of my work out there in the world before this time next year.

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