Whenever the seasons change, I feel a pull to read Pilgrim at Tinker Creek by Annie Dillard.
Dillard quote
With each read, I find something different that sticks with me. And this time, I felt compelled to purposefully stitch a passage. I wanted to really take in the full meaning, and so I chose cross stitch (so I would pay full attention to each letter) on a piece of Aida I had floating around. I didn’t plan much. I pulled out an alphabet that was simple, and not too large. The size of the fabric dictated the width. There is room at the top and the bottom and I plan to add some light blue and/or silvery trees.

With the approach of fall, I find myself wishing for sweaters and fires. As it turns to winter, I always dream of my favorite January one year in college where I had my apartment to myself (two room mates had gone home for Winter Break), and while I did have a job, the hours were not heavy. So I read, and wrote. It was perfect.

As winter approaches this year, I want to keep this thought in mind. So I plan to finish this up in plenty of time and keep it within sight.

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