three together
I fell in love with the slightly sad illustrations, and the leaf shape. And now I need to put them somewhere so I can look at them all the time.

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  • I’m not even joking, Jess, these three have really *really* inspired me to work harder to find my way with my stitching. I love doing all the needlecrafts so much, I get stressy that haven’t really found what I want to work on yet. Of course that’s silly because I’ll get there eventually, but this set in particular has made me impatient to get there! There’s some ideas I want to mess with and I had my notebooks out last night, taking notes – not that they’re in any tiny way related to what you’re doing, but I want to make something this beautiful too. 🙂 xoxo

    • I bet you will find the thing that clicks during one of your samplers. When I did my first paper piece it was so obvious to me that it was The Thing.

  • These are gorgeous Jess!

  • Well, you know what I think. I love their sad, quiet, drama. And the subtle off whites really add to the effect. A perfect example of ‘meaning can be over rated/even unnecessary’, these simply ‘are’ beautiful.

  • I love these, especially the last one. And the second one. Never mind, I love all of them.

  • I love the stitching on paper. Just how hard is it to do? do you draw the pattern on, or do you free style? thanks for the inspiration.

    • stitching on paper isn’t hard per say, but different from stitching on fabric.

      i generally draw the pattern on the back side, but it depends on the exact situation. i’ve written up a little tutorial here and also an article in issue 2 of the &Stitches e-zine

  • thanks for the info. i am looking forward to trying this.

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