It’s been ages since I did any work on paper that I was happy with. It was what, February when I did a little chain stitched doodle? That’s crazy. I have been itching to get back to it. I started a little white doodle on a book cover, but it’s sort of languishing.

After an afternoon of messing about with a dictionary page — a piece that didn’t work out at all, I gave another book a try. This book is one I picked up at the used book store near my office. They frequently have their in the worse shape books out on the street for sale at something like $3 a book. I bought this one in late February. It is full of pretty bits — the cover, an inscription, and some embossed pages.

I’m always a bit timid when starting in on a page that I find particularly precious. But things would never get put on them if i didn’t just go for it so… First up is the inscription page.

White as a feather

One thing I always do is sacrifice one page in the book (at least) when I start on a new one — to do stitch and color-testing with. Paper quality is hard to judge — sometimes it’s more brittle than I thought — and the patina in each book is always different so colors are important to test. This book has a nice quality of paper and it holds up to a bit of tugging. I was itching to do a bit more feather stitching so after a quick test and a decision to stick with white I just went for it. I’m pretty pleased with it.

Next up, an illustrated plate page. I hardly ever work horizontally on paper, if ever. I used a slight grayish/green color on this page. It ended up being pretty darn beautiful, don’t you think?

Sunday Morning


Sunday Morning - detail

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