Three Lithuanians

Continuing with my fondness for old family photographs, I wanted to quickly stitch up something small — this is about 4 inches on each side (a little longer on the horizontal), based on one of my favorite photos.

annaonrightThere is a lot of nuance in the glances and the small details that has gotten lost in my simple lines, but I still quite like it. This photo is of my great-grandmother Anna and her two brothers: Mike in the center and Pete on the left. There’s another sister, Catherine who isn’t pictured (perhaps she’s taking it?). Evidently, I have a particular soft spot for photos of my great-grandmother. I do though, really love the smaller things that get glossed over in my stitched version, and am half-considering doing it larger.

(Also, can you imagine wearing tights to the beach?!)


2 Responses to Three Lithuanians at the shore

  • It’s a cute little piece Jess, what will you do with it? I think it would look sweet with some block colour – maybe just the swimming costumes. It’s a great photo. I’m sure you could create a whole different version of it large. I love your tendency towards stitching old family photos. I’d like to do that some day, maybe a portrait of my mum and dad when they were young (in the 50’s).

    • Thanks, Bridgeen. Not 100% sure what i’m doing with it yet. The old photos (especially of my family) is a way for me to get to know people I didn’t know (or have a chance to know).

      Whatever I decide, you can be sure I’ll share it here. 🙂

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