A little bit ago, I was introduced to the Staple Dress by April Rhodes via Nicole at Follow the White Bunny. I’ve been looking to sew something for myself to get over the irrational fear I had built up inside myself of the sewing machine. I’ve had my mother’s old Montgomery Ward machine from the 70s for years now. I had it in college, I moved it to our first house when I got married, and then moved it again when we bought this house. And yet, I still hadn’t used it for anything save hemming some curtains in college. The one unfortunate thing that did happen was the manual got put in a give away pile at some point and the Internet wasn’t giving up the manual for free. Luckily I did find a few things that were helpful.

So, I went and impulsively bought the pattern right after Nicole assured me that it really was an easy sew. And then it sat for a while. At some point last week, I committed myself to getting the thing done. I bought fabric, thread and got the machine out to practice on some scraps. It was kind of a disaster.

But with some work — re-threading, a new needle, new bobbins, and patience, I managed to work out the situation within the same day. I made a few little practice things with just straight lines. And then on Monday, I set to work on my dress. The laying out of the pattern was the hardest part for me. I’m a bit of a perfectionist when lining up things, so not getting all the lines perfect when putting the many pages of the pattern together was frustrating. Once I made peace with the fact that it was ok for it not to be just so, things went smoother.

I’ve spent a lot of time in my life watching my mother sew, and I just sort of remembered a few things as I went along: what different markings meant, to be slow and deliberate and most importantly, use paper scissors for cutting the pattern, not the fabric scissors. I was pleasantly surprised that the sewing of the dress went smoothly — even the shirring using the elastic thread worked out. I started on Monday and finished it up on Tuesday. There are some slightly crooked lines in places, and the hem came untucked in one spot on the inside of the dress, but all in all, it really came out well.


I’m a little bit proud.

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