My science swap piece made it to my partner today:
The Earth and Its Layers: closed

The Earth and Its Layers: open


This was really fun to put together. The Earth is based on this illustration by Wild Olive (with some adjustments).

When I was little, we had this set of World Book Encyclopedias that had these really detailed, acetate/transparency inserts that were layered and showed things like the inside of a frog, or the human head, skull, brain, muscles etc. I thought I’d try and accomplish something similar, but simplified.

The process turned out to not be too difficult to nail down. I started with a tiny prototype — it’s just a piece of vellum button-hole stitched over muslin. The hard part was nailing down what exactly I wanted to stitch. I wanted both pieces to be interesting on their own, but also to look good together. (I also loved that the “layers” had a double-meaning. Layers in the piece and layers of the Earth.)

I’m quite pleased at how well it turned out.

Here’s the first layer on its own:

The Earth and Its Layers: layer 1

And the second:
The Earth and Its Layers: layer 2


I had planned on satin stitching the yellow as well, but after using almost a full skein (with just a tiny bit left over) on the orange, I didn’t want to chance not having enough for the yellow ring. I like the way it turned out regardless. I loved combining embroidering on fabric and embroidering on another surface. I might just do it again sometime.

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