Chain stitched doodle. Nice way to spend the evening.


I had a desire last night to stitch up something pretty, something just because, something not too intense. This little doodle (in a 4″ hoop) is what happened. My work life is getting a bit hectic, and my mind is still working out who to do for my next suffragette portrait, but my hands needed to move.

Ever have moments like that?


5 Responses to Something just because

  • Yes, I really do. I have a drawer of no-stress, relaxing projects set up for just that sort of time. I can’t get over how much I love this, so simple, and the cream on that 30s-y print. It’s beautiful.

  • I alternate big projects with easier relaxing projects too – I do the same with books one ‘proper’ book then a trashy one! This is so pretty – will you use it for something?

    • I think I’m just going to keep it in the little hoop and keep it on a shelf or hang it up. Maybe eventually it’ll get a little family…

  • I am always in a panic if I don’t have a project ready to go. It is my relaxation!

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