My portrait of Lucy Burns is finally finished. The photo I based it on was taken at the Occoquan Workhouse which is not far from my home here in Virginia.

lucy burns portrait

I’m pretty happy with the way that it turned out. I learn something with each piece. This time around, I’ve actually taken care to block the piece (something I’ve never done before). Next, I’ll be finishing the companion piece, the bear cross stitch and crossing my fingers that they work together.

As I worked on this, I couldn’t help but contemplate all the things that she and other women like her went through.

(A few more detail shots in the ol’ flickr stream)

4 Responses to Lucy Burns embroidered portrait

  • She’s gorgeous, Jessica! Lovely lovely job. I love how you combine your historical interests and crafty interesting, that’s so cool.

    (Also, blocking embroidery! Is this a thing people do?! I didn’t know that – what an amazing thing! I bet it makes everything look so clean and crispy, just like blocking knitting.)

    • blocking is like magic! put in a million pins, spray a little water and walk away for a few hours. come back to find everything dry and wrinkle free!

  • aW Jessica, she looks so sad. (Not surprising really). Is this all purples too? The look really inky, and I love how you’ve used lighter tones to blend into the background.
    Also blocking, wow. I need to learn all about that. What size are these suffragette pieces?

    • Yes, it’s all in purple — it’s actually difficult to photograph the colors. The darkest is DMC 154. And blocking has been a complete revelation. It’s so simple and much easier than ironing. This piece is close to 8″ on each side — a little longer on the horizontal, and a little shorter on the vertical. I’m thinking of wrapping it over a canvas.

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