Pretty close to done suffragette #1

I’m still busy at work stitching up my first suffragette, Lucy Burns. She’s almost done, but work and life has been getting in the way of me getting it finished. Lucy was pretty bad-ass. See the section regarding her time in jail:

Upon her third arrest in 1917, the judge aimed to make an example of Burns, and she was the given the maximum sentence. Once again a prisoner at Occoquan Workhouse, Lucy Burns endured what is remembered as the “Night of Terror.” The women were treated brutally and were refused medical attention. To unite the women, Burns tried to call roll and refused to stop despite numerous threats by the guards. When they realized Lucy Burns spirit was not going to be easily broken, they handcuffed her hands above her head to her cell door and left her that way for the entire night. Burns was so loved and respected by her fellow suffragists that the woman in the cell across from her held her hands above her head and stood in the same position.

I was hoping that my portrait based on what I think is a pretty iconic photo of her at the Occoquan Workhouse would be done by today, International Women’s Day.

But I didn’t want the day to pass by without me mentioning her.

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