First of all a million zillion thank yous to everyone who was kind enough to comment on my previous post. You’re all awesome.

Thank you especially to Bridgeen, Julie and Sophie for all of their thoughtful feedback. It’s really helped me to think about all the little details and really pushed me to keep moving forward.

A few things have really started to crystalize in my mind. Firstly, the cross stitches are each hopefully going to be turned into a sort of banner — that will hopefully look like these on a smaller scale. I’m hoping to do some buttonhole stitch scallops to edge them. Which brings me to number two, color. The scallops and the suffragette portraits are going to be in shades of purple (the colors of the suffragist movement were purple and yellow).

(I just stocked up on purple!)
Floss all organized!
Sunday afternoon I’m planning a visit to the Workhouse Museum for some additional inspiration and because I can’t believe I haven’t been there yet.

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