Back before the basement flood happened last year, I had made myself at home in the basement. After the flood, I reclaimed some space on the other side of the basement where I had been keeping a small desk. Plus, I scattered threads and bits of fabric around the house. That worked fine until my husband started taking his brewing hobby quite seriously. Then, it started looking more like this:


That closet there is what I like to call the fermenting room — it’s full of beer that’s having a yeast party. Not to mention that soon after this photo, he added even more equipment and ordered several 50 pound bags of grain. That meant I was officially kicked out of this little nook. We installed some lovely wire shelves and all the grains and various pots and kegs are organized and neat. It’s a nice little set up actually. (And I love having all the beer he makes around. It’s good stuff.)

I decided that I’d move my things into the room that served as nursery for both the kids (they now share a bedroom with bunk beds and everything) which is now our guest room. It still held a lot of baby bits/memorabilia that we haven’t used in ages.


It needed a good bit of organizing, some new curtains, and then I had to go around the house and gather up all of my supplies and fabrics and hoops and whatnot.

This is the end result for now. A lot of the baskets on the shelves are just hiding things: soccer trophies,¬†porcelain dolls, and other little items that need to be gone through. Still, I’m much happier to have all my things in a single place.


All my crafty books, inspirational books and books for chopping up.


My mother’s sewing machine that I keep meaning to re-remember how to use.


And all my little bits and pieces that I have become so fond of.

I was so happy to have the space that I got started on a new piece. (And of course I am sure that I’ll just have to move yet again in a year or two when the kids need to have separate rooms again!)

Love love love this hand dyed floss.

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