photo 1This Christmas I got some lovely stitchy presents, including the stand pictured above. I’m excited to have it and looking forward to working on some larger pieces without a lot of shoulder pain.

photo 2

I’ve been testing it out, and getting the height and angle right. At the same time, I am working on another idea that I have cooking. I think this particular idea will be much longer term. I still haven’t nailed down exactly what I want to stitch, but I know how I want it to feel. Olisa just posted about having a vision and editing and loving the process. I couldn’t agree more.

photo 3

In addition to this big piece that I’m still figuring out, I have two other things hanging around in my head. Yesterday the local needlework shop (which is wonderful, by the way, if you are in Northern Virginia, head to In Stitches Needlework and they will do you right!) was having a holiday sale and I picked up some hand dyed red, white and blue floss for a paper piece (not sure though if I am using all three or just one or two colors), new scissors, some dark grey and some lovely linen for a blackwork piece that I have had an itch to do. Mostly, I find that I let an idea work in my head until I just can’t stand it anymore and I must stitch. Otherwise I find that I will start something and then leave it unfinished for ages. (The bulk of the floss and the blue hoop are for my daughter who after stitching up an ornament this Christmas wants to do more embroidery. Yay!)

I can’t wait to get started on everything!

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