baltimore beehive

As soon as I saw this new pattern from Jenny Hart @ Sublime Stitching, I knew I had to have it. My mind immediately went to Hampden and Highlandtown and “Hons“*.

I’ve mentioned before that I grew up near Baltimore, and there are things that I really miss (and things that are unique to Baltimore that I don’t necessarily miss but associate with the city).

First of all, “hon” is a ubiquitous term – as in “Hi hon!” or “Welcome to Bawlmer hon!” And it’s pronounced more like there’s a “w” in there next to the “o”. Baltimoreans have a special way of saying the letter “O” (and also “L”). The accent is one thing I don’t necessarily miss, but I can hear it a mile away. I myself don’t have it much anymore (though occasionally I will say “wooder” instead of “water” and I have a hell of a time saying “ambulance”).

Another special think about Baltimore is duckpin bowling. I love it. The little balls are a thousand times easier than regular bowling. So when I got to thinking about stitching up this pattern I immediately decided that I wanted to do it on satin, as if I were doing it for my duckpin team jacket (and oh my God, how awesome would that be?).

This was my first time stitching on something as slippery as satin and also my first time using tear away stabilizer. Ripping the stabilizer away as like opening a really great present. I had planned on making her glasses black, but it was looking too subtle on the dark purple, so I ended up with a light silver instead.

baltimore beehive

She’s pretty awesome. I’m planning on hanging her in my office on Monday.

And now I just want an egg custard snowball with marshmallow creme. Sigh.


* Someone in a comment thread regarding the pattern mentioned it too, I’d love to see any others!

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