It was a rainy (the first in a really long time) day today. After my usual Sunday trip to the farmers market, I got to work on finishing up three more small 4″ hoops*. I have to say, I am immensely pleased with how they turned out. So pleased in fact, that I started planning out a few larger hoops.

I always like to have a few things going at one time; if I get frustrated with a geometric piece, I can do a more flowing doodle-y piece, for instance. The second piece that I had been working on today was a sampler of sorts on a random piece of paper I had floating around. The paper though was proving to be a bit more tricky to work with than my trusty math book. A tiny bit less pliable and more, well, papery. And then this happened:

If you can’t see it, that’s a rip right down the length of the last blanket stitch I was working. I have at times been able to hide a minor rip, tear, or other mistake, but this one was too big and my line of stitching too regular to hide it so that’s that for this trial. I’ll be able to use the other half of the page for something smaller, but regardless, I’m totally bummed. It was starting to look nice. One of the hazards of working on paper and not fabric. A hazard that has hampered me in the past (being scared of making a mistake and so not doing something), but I have been really trying to push past that feeling. So I’ll just be glad that I was only halfway through the piece and not almost finished.



*At some point, I will take proper photos with a real camera and not just my iPhone.

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