I have finally come to terms with the fact that incorporating netting just wasn’t working out as I had hoped. It’s not that the idea is a bad one – I think it’s more that the netting that I am using is too stretchy. It’s just some really inexpensive IKEA curtains that I’ve got laying around that I was hoping to use for something (because I have quite a few of them for some reason). But wanting to use them and them working out are two very different things.

So I decided to continue with the idea of some small, geometric works in four inch hoops.

But this time I opted to attach the work to a fabric remnant (that I adore, I’ve used it several times) and to keep the stitches on the simple side. I have three more to complete – but the execution is much simpler and the effect is just as nice.

Still, I will be hanging onto the idea of using a netting or a mesh in combination with the paper because it’s just not going to go away, I will simply have to find better material and a better time to implement it properly.

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