Been busy

I’ve been trying to keep my mind and my hands busy, making some new pieces in preparation for the arts festival I’ll be selling at in May*. I’ve still got my display to plan, but there’s time yet (that’s what I keep telling myself).

My latest work of late is that pink doodle piece on the upHper right-hand side. With the doodles, I like to work pretty impulsively. Usually though, I have to plan them out just a little because I have been doing the sketching on the reverse so my lines don’t show under the stitches. It mostly works well. But sometimes I just want to do it on the front and not have to worry about reversing the design in my head (or on paper while planning).

Back in February, I read a post about these erasable gel pens. What erases them is the heat from the friction of rubbing the little plastic end on the paper — or an iron. Or, iKn my case, a hair dryer. They leave the slightest of marks behind on my vintage paper – but when stitched over you cannot see them. It makes it easier for me to be a little bit freer in my doodling – and it results in smoother curves. I won’t use this method all the time, but it’s a nice one to have in my bag of tricks.



*Though maybe not that swirly French knot one. I’m not sure it’s done… but that’s for another day…

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