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Not too long ago, I got a nice little note about possibly applying for the craft festival in a near-by town. It’s very well-attended and over two days. Still, the booth fees were very high so I declined.  What the note did do, however, was peak my interest in seeing what other festivals were happening this Spring and Summer and what their costs were.

Turns out, the one in my home town is just one quarter of the price as the one around these parts. It’s definitely not as fancy (but it is quite a community fixture, this year is its 39th year), but now the organizers only accept handmade vendors (gone are the jewelry re-sellers etc). This, in my opinion, is a real bonus. So I thought, I’ll do that one! My mom even has a big table I can borrow.

Now that I’ve decided and gotten myself excited about the idea, I am sort of freaking out. I don’t know if even this one is going to end up making me any money. Not that money is the only reason for making (or even a reason), but for something like this, it’s got to be a big factor in decision-making; it’s the whole point. I don’t have a tent. My mom’s table is actually pretty small for the space. (10×16!) And I’m sort of questioning the wisdom of it all. Is it worth over a $100 investment? I’m going to have to really sit down and make lists and figure this out. I’d love to hear from anyone with wisdom on this subject.


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