As I previously mentioned, I’ve decided to make a [small] quilt as my next project. This prospect is both exciting (because it’s new for me) and also slightly paralyzing. I’m nervous not just because it’s something new for me, but because my mom is so good at it that I don’t want it to be embarrassingly bad.

Like a lot of mothers, my mom is a sewer. And a quilter. And a crochetter/knitter. And an occasional embroiderer. And like a lot of grandmothers, her mother is skilled in all those things too, and of course my great-grandmother as well. What is the funniest thing about it all is that my mother didn’t learn to knit or to quilt from either my grandmother or hers. Instead she taught herself to knit from an encyclopedia, and to quilt from books. I wouldn’t be surprised if she also more or less taught herself to sew.

communion dress

Likewise, I didn’t learn to embroider from any person, but from you-tube videos and diagrams. So when I decided to take on a quilt, I didn’t really have any idea what I was doing. I’ve always been an observer of my mother quilting and I think I absorbed a lot of her methods. I worked out everything on graph paper, made tracing templates from graph paper and cardboard and am even using fabric from my mother’s stash – so it looks like something she’d put together.

flying geese quilt

I have no clue if the sewing machine I have (which was of course, my mother’s) works. I don’t have thread at the moment anyway. So I am beginning with sketching and embroidering the larger four blocks. It’s the logical starting point anyway. So far, I have one of the four done and one almost complete (below) and ideas for how the rest will look. Also working on a centipede on paper and sketching more geometric ideas. (phew!)

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