Thanks to a lovely little write-up at allthingspaper, my number of visitors today has gone up a lowly 5700%.

Thanks for all the kind words and for looking around. Be sure to come back!

3 Responses to 5700%

  • I love your paperstitch. Found it via allthingspaper yesterday. Live in Sweden. I am longin for trying. Am paperoman and have lots of paper and old musikpaper I want to sew on and do wondeful things like you do. Now I will look throu all your arcive to enyoy more.

  • Thanks Marianne!

  • I’m not a math person, but I am a music person and I have some very old music books around here that aren’t worth much more than the really great paper they were printed on. I can see music motifs on them….

    *cue crazy crafting identity coming out*

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