I finally have some real space of my own. It took some doing. Rearrange furniture in both kids’ rooms. Move a little dresser from my daughter’s bedroom to my son’s. Move a desk from the basement to my daughter’s room and then move the giant 8 foot table leaning against the wall in the garage to the basement.

Only half of the space is mine, the computer and other art supplies officially belong to the kids. In the little cabinet I am keeping floss, needles, scissors, and whatever else I need on-hand. The shelf holds my materials, works in-progress, and finished pieces.

I’ve lined the table with drawing paper; the table has been around the block a few times. (It’s been in my family as long as I can remember. It started its life in a fire hall, then as a activity/sewing table at my parents house, then at pretty much every family function for food service, crab eating, you name it. I ended up using it for a birthday party and then it became mine.) And the paper makes a good place for scratch work and notes and it’s fun for the kids to decorate.

I was so inspired by having a new space, I whipped up a little cross stitch (something I haven’t done before). I’m pretty pleased with it. It will hang alongside the griffin and a few paper pieces in my office.

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