yellow table -detail

I used the data on this page, of compound interest on $1 at 3% – 8%, to create the stitch pattern. All I did was graph the curves.

Then I resorted the data to graph it flipped across the vertical axis.

I thought the tails would be too difficult to achieve on paper. That it wouldn’t be clean enough, so when I transferred it, I removed them.

yellow table

I am pretty pleased with the result. There is some wonkiness in the areas with all the line crossings, but overall, it turned out well.

There are some other pages with data tables that I have plans for. One in particular, a life expectancy chart, is begging for something special. I’m coming up with a plan where I scan the page and work out the pattern digitally instead of tracing it onto the reverse. I want to be careful simply because there is only one page.

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