Stitched up this griffin, based on a photo of a wood cutting I took on a boat in Ohio.

The outline is 4 strands, and the smaller details: seed stitches, detached chain on the wing, etc are 2 strands of floss.

Don’t be fooled, I didn’t draw this pattern by any means. My sketching skills are very limited. I printed my photo (on regular paper) the size I wanted to stitch (this is a 7 inch hoop), drew over outline of the photo, and then used my Saral transfer paper (which is awesome, btw) to transfer that to my sketch book. Traced that with a thin sharpie. Then traced it yet again with a flashlight and blue washable quilter’s pen to the fabric. And finally stitched it. (In case your counting, that means I “drew” this griffin four times. Five, if you count stitching.)

I’m thinking about possibly trying it again, but this time with either a little more detail, or with fill stitches to give it some texture. We’ll see.

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