white on paper #3

Finally got off my butt and finished the third white piece on the old math book. It had been sitting a while, with just the leaves to complete. I’ve got other ideas in my head.

blue experiment

One of those ideas, is to punch a grid on the paper and then fill it in as I see fit. It’s not quite there — if I had planned it a little more, the section in the middle would be symmetric. Still, there’s something to the idea.

3 Responses to finished at last

  • I love the look of this, but want to ask how you keep the obviously vintage paper from tearing as you are stitching on it. I have made some pretty cards with stamped designs on pages from old books. I usually add a touch of color by using a marker or colored pencil, and have had a few problems with the page tearing. I then mat it with the same color. Thanks for any advice.

    • I tore a lot of pages in the beginning. Beyond the obvious, be gentle, the key really is in finding the right paper. Pages that feel really stiff and brittle, I don’t generally use that often. I know some people use a light iron-on interfacing on the back. Hope this helps!

  • This is soooo pretty. I do Prick-n-Stitch craft for any event greeting cards and it so relaxing.

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