Hello there! Here’s the part where I say yes, it’s been a while, but you know, life happens. Blah, blah, blah.

Now, on to the good stuff.

I made some things!

white grid 1It started out that I had this page about subtraction that I wanted to use. So I started thinking about how to visually show subtracting. The idea that I settled on was one of a disappearing blackwork pattern. Sounds simple enough, right? I did though, want to fight my tendency for perfect symmetry and just wanted to remove some random pieces and go from there. I sketched up a pattern, poked holes, stictched it and… was unsatisfied. The scale here is all wrong. The stitching fits the page, but the pattern doesn’t really work, nor does the white. red grid 1

So I ditched the math book (I have more subtraction pages, but I think I’ll save it for something else), and switched to a French version of The Swiss Family Robinson — only because the pages were larger and have some interesting illustrations. I redid the same pattern doubled in size (with maybe a variation here or there) and switched up the color.

red grid 2At first, I was a bit unsure about if it worked or not. After stepping back from it (photographing always helps me see things better), I am pleased. So I drew up another pattern and stitched that one, too. This one I’m unsure about at the moment; it’s a bit wonky in places (but normally I don’t mind that). I also have a compulsion to do things in threes, so there might be another one eventually, but I can’t settle on a blackwork pattern that isn’t too intricate or doesn’t tile too well, or looks too similar to the ones I’ve already done.

red grid 1 - details
My favorite bit, for those of you still with me, is this part of the octagonal piece, where I’ve happily accidentally framed the initials of the illustrator.


It has been quite a while, and a lot of things have happened in my non-stitching life, one being a pretty major shoulder surgery.

For a retiring coworker who likes to curse...

I’m slowly getting back to making things. This piece is for a retiring co-worker who has been known to curse quite a bit (though less now than when I first met him), and who holds lots of institutional knowledge about our accounting, contracts and finance systems.

I am looking forward to itching my stitching urge and getting back to pulling in elements like dried flowers, and other bits from nature, so watch this space!

But getting closer to done.

Making messes and working on some thready, tangly bits. Still in progress ( I think).

I am still considering if any other thread bits need to be added; and most importantly, thinking about how to finish the piece. I normally mat things on black, but that won’t work for this piece. And the white I have on hand looks too stark. So, I’ll keep experimenting.

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